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Brentwood Union School District Joins CW-FIT Study

Brentwood Union School District (BUSD) in Northern California, is the fourth district to join the research project, Supporting High-Needs Elementary Students with the CW-FIT Program-Building for Scale and Sustainability. The BUSD pilot school implemented CW-FIT this month using the new CW-FIT District Coaching Model. This model allows each participating district to take CW-FIT to scale by certifying the District Coaches to train and support teachers while they implement our effective and research-based classroom management system.

Welcome Brentwood Union!  We look forward to working with you.

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Carol Benninghoven, Teacher

Carol is a 2nd grade, general education teacher in the Mount Diablo School District in California. She began implementing CW-FIT in November of 2022 with a class of thirty-one students with a variety of learners. She has English Language learners, autism magnet and benchmark learners, and students who are new to the United States in 2022.

We asked Carol

How CW-FIT helps to manage a classroom, “Although I had been teaching for 30 years before I started using CW-FIT, it has helped my class go from being distracted and unmotivated to being focused and on-task. My students needed specific directions and visuals for them to follow directions and stay focused. CW-FIT provides that with pictures, specific directions, and rewards for meeting those expectations. It is also a team-building program that uses collaborative work among groups of students to motivate each other which my students were very responsive to.”

How CW-FIT has helped her students, “Even though we don’t use CW-FIT for every single lesson, the habits that have formed from CW-FIT lessons have carried over to the overall tone and structure of the classroom.”

What she would share with other teachers about CW-FIT “First and foremost, CW-FIT is positive reinforcement for students to learn in the classroom. I would have loved to have this program as a beginning teacher!”


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