What is it?

Class-Wide FIT (CW-FIT) is a classroom management system comprised of four research-based components that improve class-wide engagement during academic instruction.

Teaching appropriate classroom behaviors and expectations through Lessons. Differential reinforcement through Team Contingencies. Eliminating potential reinforcement for problem behaviors through Goals, Points and Praise. Reinforcing appropriate classroom behaviors through Rewards.

Child poses for camera with pencil in hand


Who is it for?

  • Rural, urban and suburban schools needing support
  • Teachers who want to maximize instructional time AND improve class engagement
  • Those in all academic settings, including general education and special education classrooms, looking for success

How Do I Learn More?

Request access today for valuable resources to help you implement CW-FIT in your classroom. Resources include lesson scripts, handouts, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and more!

Our publications page offers 31 peer-reviewed articles on CW-FIT in various settings.

School or District Leaders: Complete the contact us form to learn more about our District Coaching Model.

CW-FIT in Action

CW-FIT has been found to increase student and group on-task behavior, is associated with decreased disruptive behavior, and is shown to increase teacher praise!

More time to teach.

More time to learn.