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About CW-FIT

CW-FIT is a multi-tiered classroom management program that addresses common functions of problem behavior. CW-FIT incorporates the use of group contingency and differential reinforcement to teach socially appropriate classroom behaviors and rewards.

CW-FIT is designed to:

  • Help students who need more than universal supports
  • Be implemented at the class-wide level
  • Incorporate individualized components
  • Be implemented throughout problem times of the day

CW-FIT broadly targets common functions maintaining problem behaviors in the classroom (teacher attention, peer attention, escape). Within CW-FIT, students not responding to the class-wide intervention receive targeted strategies including help cards or self-management. Functional assessment and analysis are then utilized for students not responding to targeted strategies.

Summary of Evidence

Research in CW-FIT began in 2007 at Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, which is a part of the KU Lifespan Institute. Since 2007, CW-FIT has received various funding from the Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) and Education Innovation and Research (EIR). The research, which began in elementary schools, found an increase in student engagement, the frequency of teacher praise, and a decrease in problem behaviors for students with, or at risk for, emotional behavior disorders. The results of two randomized control trials (RCT), spanning three geographic regions, found improvement in student behavior, an increase in teacher praise, and lower levels of teacher reprimands than classrooms who did not implement CW-FIT. The CW-FIT research has successfully expanded to the middle school setting, and the research team is currently in the process of interpreting the results.
CW-FIT has also been assessed by the What Works Clearinghouse, a branch of the Institute of Educational Sciences that reviews existing literature in the field of education, assessing what works. It is a source of evidence-based practices for educators. They set strict standards to determine which educational practices are shown to be effective based on research. CW-FIT’s research trials meet What Works Clearinghouse standards without reservations. You can see this for yourself by visiting the What Works Clearinghouse website, selecting “Reviews of Individual Studies” and searching “CW-FIT”.
The CW-FIT research team is currently working on two projects. First is a randomized control trial (RCT) in the middle school setting funded by the Institute for Education Sciences (IES). This RCT will be in three geographic regions: Tennessee, Utah, and Missouri. The research team will be working on this project through 2025. Second is the first Mid-Phase Innovation grant for CW-FIT funded by Education Innovation and Research (EIR). This project will span two geographic regions: California and Missouri. The research team will be working through 2024 to develop, implement, and evaluate scalable practices for CW-FIT. This project focuses on an online coaching model and implementation supports. The research team seeks to increase the scalability and sustainability of CW-FIT while continuing to contribute to the CW-FIT evidence base.

Our publications page has a comprehensive list of Peer Reviewed Articles with links for those that are free on the ERIC website.



in the Classroom

  • Multi-tiered classroom management
  • Increases student engagement
  • Decreases disruptive behaviors
  • Improves praise to reprimand ratio
  • Compliments current teaching routines