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CW-FIT Receives $8 Million Grant

The University of Kansas and Saint Mary’s College of California have partnered with two districts in Missouri and two districts in Northern California on an $8 million grant; Supporting High- Needs Elementary Students with the CW-FIT Program-Building for Scale and Sustainability. Over the next 5 years, elementary schools within these districts will implement CW-FIT using the new CW-FIT District Coaching Model. This model will allow each district to take CW-FIT to a scale by certifying the District Coaches to train and support teachers through an effective, research- based classroom management strategy. The data collected during this study will contribute to the CW-FIT evidence-base for improving academic engagement and achievement for high- needs students in elementary schools and improving teachers’ classroom management.


The CW-FIT Middle School Intervention Program was Featured in Forbes

Spotlight Corner

Mary Krieger, 6th Grade Science Teacher

Mary is a teacher in the Lawrence Public School District. She implemented CW-FIT at the end of last year and has continued to use it this year in her science classroom.

We asked Mary how CW-FIT has helped her students, “This year has been one like no other, and I think students have needed extra structure to learn how to “school” again. Using CW-FIT has allowed me to make clear expectations for my students to follow. I can then see that they are proud of themselves at the end of a class when they have successfully met our goal and earned their reward. It has given them the space to be successful. They beg to do it now!”

We asked Mary how CW-FIT has helped her students, The pandemic has caused students’ to learn how to “school” again. How has CW-FIT helped you with managing your classroom and students? “CW-FIT really helped with implementing expectations at the beginning of the school year. Students have been struggling to get back into the routine of school and CW-FIT helped to create an environment in my classroom where students knew my clear expectations and then were acknowledged for meeting those expectations and their overall good behavior. It has also helped them with interacting with each other, how to encourage a team mate kindly to be listening to the speaker so they can earn their point.”

We asked Mary how CW-FIT has helped her students, Sometimes teachers struggle with coming up with reinforcer ideas. Any suggestions? “We got creative with choosing rewards because we could never all agree. So we have a reward cup and I pull a stick each time to see what our reward will be! Fun way to spice it up if you’re having a hard time deciding what to make the reward.”

How would you sum up your experience using CW-FIT? “I use CW-FIT in my classroom and it allows us to have fun while still meeting those class expectations. This is my go-to classroom management strategy. I love it and my kids love it too!”

Brain Teaser: 

According to a 2020 study, what percentage of pupils focused longer on the teacher or task in elementary school classrooms where the praise to reprimand ratio is high?



Pupils spent 20–30% longer focusing on the teacher or task compared to those in classes where the praise to reprimand ratio was lowest according to a 2020 Brigham Young University article: Praising students in a classroom setting has a big impact on their behavior, based on the study, Effects of teachers’ praise-to-reprimand ratios on elementary students’ on-task behavior.

CW-FIT Is Now On Social Media 

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