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CW-FIT Conference Presentations 

CW-FIT presented at five conferences over the last five months: MO-CASE in Ozarks, MO, TECBD in Tempe, AZ, MSLBD in Kansas City, MO, CEC in Louisville, KY, and APBS in Jacksonville, FL.

Some of the highlights:

  • There were over 300 attendees at the CEC conference. This was our largest audience to date.
  • We co-presented at the MSLBD conference with two CW-FIT coaches from the Center School District where the audience had an immersive experience with CW-FIT. The presentation ended with a Rock, Paper, Scissor Tournament as their reward for good behavior.
  • Amanda Borosh lead a CW-FIT study and presented her finding at the APBS conference. Read more about this ‘In the Spotlight’ section.

The CW-FIT team wants to thank all those who attended our presentations and those who co-presented with us. We appreciate your support!


Upcoming Events

Join us for a CW-FIT Presentation! 

    • Margaritaville Resort, Lake of the Ozarks, MO September 24-26
  • Look for additional conferences in our Fall Newsletter!

In the Spotlight

Amanda Borosh,

Teacher, BCBA, Ph.D Candidate in Special Education and Purdue University
Amanda led a study on, Pyramidal Training to Improve General Education Teachers’ Use of Tier I Behavior Strategies and presented the research at the APBS conference on March 31st.


We asked Amanda

Why was CW-FIT and the District Coaching Model chosen for this study?

CW-FIT was chosen for this study after assessing the needs and desires of a school to improve Tier I behavior support. CW-FIT encompasses several low-intensity, high-impact strategies that the school was interested in targeting. The District Coaching Model was slightly adapted to include within-school coaches. This model was chosen because the school was interested in building capacity within their own school to train, coach and scale-up the use of CW-FIT without the need for external support from the university.

What were your findings?

We found that school-based coaches were able to train and coach all four general education teacher participants to use CW-FIT to 100% fidelity. We also observed an increase in behavior-specific praise and student on-task academic engagement. All participants and both coaches found the train-the-trainer model and the use of CW-FIT as acceptable, feasible, and beneficial for students.

How have you scaled the coaching model?

In the 2023-2024 school year, the school has scaled-up their implementation. School-based coaches trained another layer of coaches within the school building. Now, all teachers within the school building are receiving coaching on implementation of CW-FIT.


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