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CW-FIT Coaches Trained In North Kansas City School District

Earlier this year, coaches from the North Kansas City School District completed their CW-FIT synchronous coaches training. The training consisted of lessons, videos and hands-on practice. Our wonderful coaches then went to work getting teachers excited about CW-FIT. Teachers were trained before implementing CW-FIT in their classrooms. With the training, guidance, and support from the district coaches, these teachers are doing great! Everyone has done an amazing job adjusting to this hybrid model and making things run seamlessly. Great job coaches and teachers!
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Spotlight Corner

Amy Rettenmaier is a CW-FIT coach in the North Kansas City School District. She became a coach this year and has proven that the CW-FIT hybrid coaching model works. Her favorite part of CW-FIT is adding a class-wide behavior intervention to her toolbox. She says, “The students really seem to enjoy it and the teachers are doing a great job incorporating frequent, behavior-specific praise into their lessons!” In addition to being a CW-FIT coach, Amy enjoys photography and embroidery.

Brain Teaser: 

According to EAB, How many hours of instructional time does a teacher lose each week due to behavioral disruption?

Do you have a guess? Comment on our May 20th post to follow for the answer.

CW-FIT Is Now On Social Media 

This February, CW-FIT had it’s inaugural post on Facebook! Since then, it has expanded its social media presence to Instagram and Pinterest. Keep up-to-date by following us:

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