Middle School CW-FIT

Effective middle school classroom management is critical since well-managed classrooms create opportunities to learn and foster student engagement, while poorly managed classrooms decrease student learning time and attention. “Classroom management is critically important in the middle grade years when students are more likely to experience declines in academic motivation and self-esteem” (Beaty-O'Ferrall, Green, and Hanna, 2010 p.4). This  Goal 2 Institute of Education Sciences funded development project (#R324A160279) addresses the need for effective middle school classroom management by developing Middle School Class-wide Function-related Intervention Teams (MS CW-FIT). This program will be adapted from the elementary school CW-FIT program. CW-FIT has been supported by two IES Goal 3 efficacy trials and has been shown to increase student engagement and decrease disruptions in over 400 classrooms (Caldarella, Williams, Hansen, & Wills, 2014; Wills, Kamps, Fleming, & Hansen, in press; Kamps et al., 2015; Kamps et al., 2011). Development will occur over three years and across Kansas and Utah which increases the potential generalizability of the program and findings. 

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Middle School CW-FIT Abstract

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