What is CW-FIT?

Class-Wide Function-related Intervention Teams (CW-FIT) is a classroom management system comprised of four research-based activities that improve class-wide engagement during academic instruction. CW-FIT includes:    

1. Lessons teaching appropriate classroom behaviors and expectations,

2. Differential reinforcement through group contingencies,

3. Eliminating potential reinforcement for problem behaviors,

4. Self-management, help cards, and functional assessment.


Who’s CW-FIT designed for?

CW-FIT is for teachers who want to maximize class time to teach students. General education and special education teachers use CW-FIT with students in Kindergarten through 12th grade to improve class-wide engagement. Educators report that using CW-FIT makes teaching tough academic lessons easier and research demonstrates that students are significantly more when engaged using CW-FIT.


Where does CW-FIT work?

Since 2005, CW-FIT has worked with over 1,600 students in classrooms with culturally diverse communities located in urban settings in Kansas and Missouri. Research demonstrates that students identified with challenging behaviors who participated in CW-FIT increase their time on task in class during academic instructional periods, and reduce their disruptive behaviors. Currently researchers are implementing CW-FIT with schools that serve diverse populations of youth located in Missouri, Tennessee, and Utah. Nearly 3,000 children will participate in CW-FIT by 2015.


How do I learn more?

If you are interested in increasing the time your students spend on task in class during academic instructional periods using CW-FIT, if you want to learn more about participating in the current research investigations of CW-FIT or if you want to bring CW-FIT to your school, please contact Howard Wills, Ph.D. at cwfitku@ku.edu or contact Juniper Gardens Children’s Project at (913) 321-3143.


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